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Bunnies for Adoption


On October 11th, All About Pets Rescue took in 3 Rabbits in Suffolk County.  The SPCA was involved with a few people near the park when they found a total of 12 very friendly rabbits; 2 seem to be an American Fuzzy Lop and the white bunny is an American Albino.  It's hard to believe someone would be so cruel to abandoned these domestic rabbits in a field.  These rabbits are not familiar being on their own, who knows if they would survive.  When they were caught, many of them dug into the food like they were starving. 


All About Pets Rescue received a phone call asking if we can help SPCA to take in the rabbits and treat them for minor wounds and of course, food and water.  We did not hesitate to turn them down.  It is under investigation to find out who released all the bunnies.  Please consider helping by making a donation towards their vetting and altering!     A donation of any amount will help us help them.


Bunny Pictures coming soon.  Has to see the vet first

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