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You now feel ready, confident and very excited because it is time to get a pet for the first time to join the family or you are adding a second addition to the family!  

Keeping a pet is big responsibility, and it can entail a long-term commitment. Each animal has its own physical and emotional needs, and you must be prepared to fulfill those needs.  Some pets need more physical work and can live for 15 to 20 years.  Some pets are very easy going and live only 3 to 5 years.   Do you want a lap warmer? A running buddy? Or a pet that’s easy to care for? This will affect your pet choice. Who will care for your pet? Consider the experience level and abilities of the caretaker who will provide for the pet, as well as how much time they will have available.  

If you already know you want to add on to the family, there are so many different types of pets out their waiting for a Forever Home.  You can search for pets such as, aquarium pets, birds, reptiles, small rodent animals, cats and dogs and farm animals.   We wish you the best of luck finding your four legged friend !

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